The Story

It’s the band battle to end all band battles, but it’s so much more. We’re helping young artists find their voices, giving them real-world advice and experience, and shining a spotlight on youth mental health.

The driving force behind Boom, Clash, Rockstar! is Brett Pattinson, frontman of ’80s pioneering Australian ska band the Allniters. He’s ridden the rollercoaster of international rockstardom and is a successful entrepreneur and creator of a range of brands and products. He’s accompanied by Grant Hilton, who brought four decades of invaluable experience to the industry, spanning design, development, merchandising, and tour and event management for renowned festivals like Splendour in the Grass and Byron Bay Bluesfest. Sadly, Grant recently departed after bravely facing an aggressive battle with cancer. His absence leaves a profound void in our hearts, and we deeply mourn his loss. To honor his legacy and passion for music, we’ve established the “Grant Hilton Memorial Award for Music Excellence,” a tribute proudly supported by his family. Although he may be gone, his impact on the music world will forever resonate, and we will fondly remember and miss him. Sam King has turned her creative hand to the event, stage and lighting design for Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organisers among others.

We have a common goal – to breathe life into the Australian live music scene and encourage and facilitate the next generation of creatives who just don’t have the opportunities we did in a live music scene which has been badly affected by restrictions and lockdowns. They have little or no exposure to the industry once they leave school, they struggle to navigate their way through the ins and outs of the creative arts industry and they rarely get a chance to play live and showcase their talent.

We know the road they have chosen is not easy and never straight but, for a performer, there is nothing like the exhilaration of performing. We know that many young people, creative or not, face the same challenges and that conversations about life’s hurdles need to be brought out into the open.

We’ve partnered with headspace which each year helps thousands of 12-25-year-olds through their mental health struggles and Twenty Ten who provide housing, mental health, counselling and social support to LGBTIQA+, their families and communities.

Boom. Clash, Rockstar! is set to make noise – for talented young musicians and for the many teens who struggle to find their voice and be heard.

Industry insiders will provide mentoring on their music, marketing, digital developments, staging, promotion and production and bands will gain valuable feedback from judges and audience voting. The competition will provide real-life experiences for music, creative arts, digital and mixed media, and business studies students. Bands will grow their profile, build music industry connections and come to understand the realities and challenges they’ll face pursuing their rockstar dreams. And they’ll be supported by the teams at headspace and TwentyTen every step of the way.

What We Do

Get set for a journey into the world of emerging artists and musicians! Boom, Clash Rockstar stands out as a unique program for young creatives, with its roots in fostering talent and addressing youth mental health concerns.

Spread across the Sydney metro, regional NSW, and Canberra, the initiative aims to create a substantial platform for young creatives, offering opportunities and a space for expression without the usual competitive dynamics.

The focus here is on providing emerging bands with practical experiences. Live events serve as a testing ground, allowing bands to refine their craft, gain stage experience, and receive mentorship from industry professionals on various aspects, including music, digital presence, staging, promotion, and production.

Beyond the music scene, Boom, Clash Rockstar also directs attention to youth mental health challenges. Collaborating with corporate and non-profit partners, the initiative aims to promote awareness and resilience, moving beyond the traditional boundaries of a music competition to address broader social issues.

This isn’t just an event; it’s a step toward supporting and nurturing the artistic and mental well-being of young talents. Boom, Clash Rockstar is laying the groundwork for a community-driven movement focused on creativity, inclusivity, and positive impact.

Our Dream

The idea for Boom, Clash, Rockstar started over coffee amongst music industry friends as we emerged from COVID lockdowns. The music industry suffered more than most but, we all agreed, that young artists had lost years in terms of exposure to live music and mentoring opportunities.

Young artists just don’t get a chance out there in the live music scene. They have little or no exposure to the industry once they leave school, they struggle to navigate their way through the ins and outs of the creative arts industry and they rarely get a chance to play live and showcase their talent. There are so many extremely talented young creatives out there but they’re not being heard.

The music industry still relies on the maxim “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Stories of YouTube success for the few mask the reality for many young artists who struggle on their own to find a voice and audience in the world of digital communications.

We aim to break down those barriers by providing a “big noise” platform and using our expertise to nurture the best young talent this country has to offer. We are determined to make a difference to them and to all young people who struggle to find their voice when it comes to life’s struggles..
We can do this. We have the right team and we’d love you to jump on board and come for the ride!!!