BOOM – Let’s make lots of noise

Boom. Clash, Rockstar! Is making lots of noise – for talented new artists and for the many young creatives who struggle to find their voice and be heard.

CLASH – Let the battles begin

Elevate Youth Mental Health: Unleash the Power of Live Music in Australia’s Largest Statewide Event! From Bands Battling to Mentoring, It’s More Than Music – It’s a Movement. Join Us Across NSW – Regional, Sydney Metro, and Greater West. QLD, Get Ready for 2024! Let the Music Ignite Change!


Live events will be held around the country and will give bands more stage experience, and the opportunity to road-test and develop their songs and improve their stagecraft. They’ll also be mentored on their music, digital developments, art, staging, promotion and production by industry insiders and gain valuable feedback from judges and audience voting. There are big prizes and great opportunities for the future!!


What we offer

  • Mentorship: Offering guidance and mentorship to young artists.
  • A&R Department: Equipped with a dedicated A&R department.
  • Live Music Advocacy: Actively involved in keeping live music thriving in Australia.
  • Safe Space for Young Artists: Providing a secure environment for emerging talents.
  • Inclusivity: Embracing diversity and inclusivity in our community.
  • Professional Feedback: Industry professionals benefit from constructive critiques and mentoring.
  • Advocacy for New Artists: Actively promoting and advocating for new artists entering the industry.
  • Management and Recording Opportunities: Facilitating placements in management, recording, and publishing.
  • Networking: Creating networking opportunities for industry connections.
  • Community Building: Fostering new friendships through live shows.
  • Regional Outreach: Bringing live shows to regional areas, bridging urban and rural cultural gaps.
  • Tourism Boost: Generating tourism in regional areas through our events.
  • Feedback for Young Creatives: Providing valuable feedback and direction to young creatives.
  • Charitable Partnerships: Partnering with charities, including those focused on youth mental health and inclusiveness.
  • Production Opportunities: Offering opportunities for young production, sound, and producers.
  • Comprehensive Support: Addressing the musical, creative, and emotional needs of young artists.
  • BCR Program Impact: More than a platform, it’s a transformative experience championing the dreams of emerging bands.
  • Unwavering Commitment: Dedicated to propelling young musicians into the heart of the music industry.
  • Catalyst for Growth: Serving as a catalyst for growth in a world where opportunities can be scarce.
  • Guiding Hand: Providing guidance and unwavering support to the next generation of musical talent.