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Entries close: MAY 31 2024 

This is an event run by Industry Professionals and is the largest program of it’s kind in Australia.

Entry Qualifications:

Welcome to the BOOM, CLASH, ROCKSTAR Program—an electrifying showcase of musical talent! We are thrilled to invite bands aged 14-24 residing in New South Wales and Queensland to participate in this musical extravaganza. Embracing a wide range of genres, including Rap/hip-hop, rock, grunge, reggae, R&B, Indie, and more, our stage is open to all, regardless of your sonic flavour.

To ensure fair play, we have two distinct age categories: Rock (indie,punk,rock n roll etc) and Rap/Hip hop. Additionally, if your band comprises members involved in more than one entry for BOOM, CLASH, ROCKSTAR, kindly engage with our Production Manager to discuss the logistics of your participation.

A note for high school bands: While we encourage collaboration, no teachers are permitted to perform with the bands (this is Rock N Roll baby!). This competition is all about showcasing the talent and creativity of young musicians.

If you’re ready to rock our stage, prepare a setlist of three or more songs for your initial performance, lasting approximately 15 minutes in the Semi-Finals. The flexibility of your set is in your hands—consider song lengths, transitions, and audience engagement as you curate your musical journey.

Stay tuned! Once you’ve submitted your entry, we’ll be in touch with the next steps. The deadline for entries is MAY 31 2024  — don’t miss your chance to be part of this thrilling musical experience. BOOM, CLASH, ROCKSTAR awaits, and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve got!

Entries close: MAY 31 2024 

Entries have now closed but subscribe below for information on our events & live Semi Finals.