Sam King

Sam King is a versatile and accomplished professional with a rich and diverse background in the realms of acting, artistry, production, and community engagement.


Sam’s acting career spans several decades, showcasing her talent on both stage and screen. Noteworthy stage performances include lead roles in productions such as “False Nature” and “Love and Bombshells” under the Mardi Gras Productions banner. Her contribution to the ensemble cast of five in “The Butch Monologues” at the Symore Centre Sydney further solidified her prowess on the stage.

In the realm of film, Sam’s credits include roles in iconic productions like “Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” “Babe Pig in the City,” and “Moulin Rouge.” Her television appearances range from series like “Water Rats” and “Fat Pizza” to a prominent role in the Fox Crime Network’s “Women Who Kill Series 1.”


Beyond the spotlight, Sam has established herself as an accomplished artist, with her work featured in international publications such as Skin TWO, Australian Fetish, and Black & White Photography. Her commitment to supporting emerging artists is evident through her role as the founder of The Playground, an initiative that organizes art shows for up-and-coming talents.

Solo exhibitions, including “Balancing Blindfold on a Slender Beam” and “If We Shadows,” showcase Sam’s prowess in fetish photography. Her dedication to the arts culminated in a series of solo shows, including the recent “6pack” at The Abercrombie Window Gallery in Sydney.

‘Industry’ Experience:

In the realm of production and stage management, Sam has been instrumental in various capacities. Her current roles as Production and Stage Manager for the Australian Band Comp, Boom Clash Rockstar, and in Stage and Production for the Australian touring band The Allniters underscore her continued impact in the industry.

Her leadership as Artistic Director for the Tropical Fruits Festival and New Year’s Eve Party, as well as roles at the National Gallery of Australia and Sydney Theatre Company, exemplify her multifaceted contributions.

‘Community’ Work:

Sam’s commitment to community service is commendable. From producing and managing events like “ROPE,” a fetish event fundraiser for Twenty10, to organizing cultural events like “The Island of Lesbos,” she actively engages with and supports various communities.

Her extensive involvement in organizations like Dykes on Bikes Sydney, Sydney Leather Pride Association, and PRIDE showcases her dedication to LGBTQIA+ causes. Sam’s volunteer work and fundraising efforts for numerous organizations, including ACON, The Cancer Council, and The Salvation Army, highlight her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

In essence, Sam King is not only a seasoned professional in the entertainment industry but also a passionate advocate for the arts and an active contributor to various community causes.